Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s teeth are just as vulnerable to decay, and gum disease as yours. Our aim for your child’s health care is to establish the foundations, instructions, and habits for a lifetime of a decay-free and healthy oral environment.

Every parent wants a stress and tantrum-free first dental visit for their child. At The Northside Dentist we encourage parents to bring their young children to their check-up appointments from the age of 2 years old. Not only will your child get used to the sights and smells but will also see yourself having an easy, enjoyable experience, therefore reinforcing the ‘nothing to fear’ idea. Whether we actually get your child into the chair for a look or not, the experience will be a positive one which we can build on in the subsequent appointments. By ensuring gentle dental care your child will see a dental visit as an everyday part of life.

We provide all forms of child-friendly paediatric dentistry, fillings, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, diet guidance, and tooth brushing instruction. With limiting the frequency of sugar, maintaining good oral hygiene, and regular visits to the dentist, we can set your child on the right path to a lifetime of positive dental experiences.

Some quick general tips:

  • Establish a routine. Make sure that your child understands the importance of oral hygiene. Try to make it fun like playing two minutes of their favourite song while brushing.

  • Up until the age of 6-7 years old, your child does not quite have the dexterity to brush their own teeth properly. Therefore, we recommend that a parent brushes their teeth at least once of the two times a day until this point.

  • Brush with a fluoride toothpaste, following the instructions on the packet. Encourage spitting the toothpaste out but no rinsing with water or mouthwash. This allows a topical application of fluoride to sit on the teeth and help it to work its magic.

  • Everybody has a little sugar here and there but what is important is the frequency rather than the amount. Rather than grazing on sugar, like cows in the field, it is preferable to gather all sugar together into one sitting or straight after a meal. That way your teeth have the opportunity to recover after the wash of sugar. Also avoid added sugar as much as possible.

  • Finally, ensure a check-up every six months.

As a provider of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule there's no need to delay! Call our Thornbury dentist for more information.