Cosmetic Bonding / Composite Resin Bonding

Gaps? Rotated? Worn out front teeth? Cosmetic bonding or also known as composite resin bonding is a cosmetic alternative to veneers or crowns in the anterior region, resin bonding can repair chipped, fractured, worn teeth. They are a less invasive (dentists way of saying, ‘minimal, if any, tooth removal’) technique to improve the aesthetics of teeth.

When it can be used:

  • to close diastemas (gaps between teeth)

  • to lengthen or fill in restore worn down teeth

  • to restore small chips or broken teeth

  • front teeth out of alignment or rotated slightly

  • as a more economical alternative to porcelain veneers

By now you’ll know at The Northside Dentist we’re all about conserving tooth tissue so for the majority of cases little to none tooth preparation is required (which also means no anaesthetic may be required!) Using layering techniques with a variety of colours, shades and translucencies, composite resin bonding can create a natural, tooth-like appearance. 

The downside, in comparison to porcelain veneers or crowns, resin bonding is not quite as strong and the material is more permeable. This will cause some chipping and staining over the years which will require touching up, especially if you have a grinding or nail biting habit!

Resin bonding can be a straightforward process normally consisting of one consult, maybe during your check up and clean, then a second for the treatment. The number of teeth required for treatment will dictate on the length required for the second appointment.

Call our northside dental practice to see how resin bonding can add to your beautiful smile!