Wisdom Teeth Removal & Extractions

When a tooth breaks, or a nerve gets infected, or even a niggly wisdom tooth plays up, then sometimes extraction is the only option. No need to worry, we'll look after you.

Reasons a tooth may require extraction :

  • severely broken or fracture of tooth exposing the nerve

  • dental abscess

  • impacted teeth, usually wisdom teeth

  • orthodontics

Although we will try to do all we can, there are still certain occasions a tooth cannot be saved. Once we make that decision and all options have been fully discussed, with replacement options, we will then start to remove the tooth.

Firstly, we give some anaesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Then once we've tested the tooth to make sure you are fully anaesthetised, we will slowly start to put pressure around about the tooth with a series of instruments. This will allow us to loosen and rock the tooth within it's socket to make it ready for extraction. 

You will not feel any pain however, you will feel the pressure of the pushing. This is due to the nerves transmitting pain being numbed from the anaesthetic but the nerves transmitting pressure not being fully affected.

Rest assured, our High St dental practice will make having a wisdom tooth extracted as quick and as pain-free as possible.