First Visit - Examination


Through the presence of plaque and calculus we can have a number of potential issues arising. From bleeding gums (gingivitis), to bone loss (periodontitis), bad breath (halitosis), decay, impacted wisdom teeth requiring removal and tooth loss. Routine exams and cleaning will help to detect and eradicate any destructive bacteria to allow for a healthy, happy oral environment.

At our High Street dental practice we begin with a comprehensive examination of the teeth and gums, this will include an oral cancer screening, and low radiation digital x-rays to detect decay between the teeth and perhaps an OPG (orthopantomogram) x-ray to assess wisdom teeth. After gathering this information we can construct a customised treatment plan to cater for your needs.

Initial visits can last up to 45 minutes and will allow you to become familiar with the surroundings, the staff and discuss any procedures, if necessary.

During the first visit, and if you require it, we will use both an ultrasonic scaler and hand scaling instruments to, as gently as possible, remove the plaque and calculus build up from around your teeth and under your gumline. In addition we will apply some fluoride to your teeth, which plays a crucial role in strengthening your teeth to fight off decay. To finish, we will give advice, education and tips to help improve your home oral hygiene to ensure that future cleans will be comfortable and easy.