Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent a multitude of tooth complications. Here at The Northside Dentist we take it very seriously, from the first appointment onward, and our staff are trained to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Why is it so important?? Well, every human has bacteria in their mouth which builds up on teeth the second you've stopped brushing. If not removed twice daily with brushing and flossing then it can accumulate and result in cavities or inflammation of the gums. The gums are the foundations to your teeth and if not looked after they can result in bleeding upon brushing and eating, pain and potential tooth loss - regardless of how healthy the actual tooth is!

Sometimes, no matter how diligent with the brushing and flossing you are, there can still be areas where plaque can accumulate to become hardened calculus. The gum disease that can result is exceedingly common and, if ignored, can lead to tooth and general health problems. That is why it is key to ensure you have 6 monthly cleans at our Thornbury dentist to allow us to remove the nasty bacteria from your teeth. On occasion, usually due to some medical conditions, it may be advised that you have more frequent cleans.