Inlays and Onlays

At The Northside Dentist we are all about conserving tooth tissue. Another way to restore a decayed, damaged, or injured tooth are inlays and onlays. They are ceramic, lab made fillings that add strength while minimising tooth reduction. Or if you’re feeling a bit fancy then they can also be made in gold.

On occasion, usually due to multiple fillings, the tooth is left structurally compromised, which can lead to weakness, and potential breakage. A composite filling may suffice, however as fillings set they contract slightly due to temperature changes, potentially causing leakage at their margins, especially for the larger fillings. 

And that’s where inlays and onlays come in. They sit between a filling and a crown and are made out of the mouth, in the lab to enable accuracy to the custom fit of your cavity. These restorations are made out of porcelain, or gold and are cemented, or bonded into place ensuring an excellent fit to enable strength and excellent integrity at the tooth/restoration interface. They also require much less tooth preparation than a crown, look fantastic, more bacterially resistant and have excellent longevity. 

First appointment - After examining the tooth, taking an x-ray to check for infection and discussing all options, the tooth will be prepared for an inlay or onlay. This will involve removing any decay, undercuts or weakened tooth, and taking an impression to send to the lab. A colour will be taken with your input to allow the ceramist to make a beautiful, life like restoration.

Second appointment - Usually 2 weeks later, will consist of removal of the temporary we made for you and trying in the restoration. Checking comfort, bite and fit, the restoration will then be shown to you for the final say before cementing or bonding into place. Excess cement will be removed and thorough oral hygiene will be demonstrated.

Book an appointment today at our High Street dental clinic see if this is the right treatment choice for you.