Porcelain Crowns

Yes, yes, we all know you're special but do you require a crown for that! ;) These strong, durable restorations can help to protect your teeth and look great while doing so!

Consisting of metal, ceramic or a mixture of both to form a ‘cap’ which sits over the remaining tooth structure allowing for a robust, good looking, functioning restoration. They are usually reserved for a tooth that is severely broken down or root canal treated, however they can also be used to support a bridge or for purely aesthetic reasons too.

When do you require a crown:

  • if your tooth is worn-down or chipped

  • after a root canal treatment

  • if your remaining tooth is vastly made up of filling

  • to help prevent a cracked tooth from getting worse

  • to improve the shape or colour of a tooth

  • to support a dental bridge

Crowns are able to withstand normal function and biting forces just like a normal tooth. However, just like a normal tooth they do require maintenance and cleaning to ensure they do not deteriorate.

The first appointment - A full examination and discussion to determine the reason for a crown, type of material and vitality of the tooth. A pre-op x-ray will be taken to view the roots and surrounding bone to ensure there is no existing decay or infection. The tooth and/or filling will then be prepared by removing any bulbosities and undercuts to allow space for the crown. A mould of the prepared tooth will then be taken to send to the lab with a colour match. We will then construct a temporary crown for function and space management in the interim.

The second appointment - When you return, the temporary crown will be removed, the tooth cleaned and the final crown tried in. Once you give your approval the crown will be cemented into place.  Excess cement removed and, just like a normal tooth, oral hygiene around the crown is very important so instructions will be given to maintain the crown and increase its life.

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