Same Day Emergencies -Emergency Dentist Thornbury

From time-to-time the unexpected happens. When an issue arises, we will try all we can to squeeze you in to see our Thornbury emergency dentist, from moving appointments to staying late, all with the aim of getting you out of pain.

Same day emergencies do not include all tooth issues. Here are a couple of examples of an emergency:

  • Dental trauma - if your tooth is knocked out, hold it by the crown (not the root), gently rinse the tooth, orientate the tooth properly and replace it. If you do not feel comfortable replacing the tooth then store it in saliva (hold it in your mouth, next to your cheek) or milk and visit The Northside Dentist as soon as possible. Replacing a tooth within 30 minutes will drastically improve the chances of the tooth surviving.

  • Dental abscess - potentially life threatening. Pain, swelling, bad taste? Make an appointment to get this treated immediately.

  • Bleeding gums - if you're a regular attender and your gums start bleeding then this can be a dental emergency. Give our Thornbury dental practice a call to organise an appointment.

Call The Northside Dentist as soon as possible and we will do all that we can to make you more comfortable and get you back to your day to day life.