Teeth Whitening Thornbury

The least invasive and most popular way of lightening the colour of your knashers! With as little as one treatment you can change the appearance of multiple teeth to release a more vibrant, energised and vibrant smile!

With two types of whitening available at The Northside Dentist we can find a treatment that suits you and your time needs. In short, in chair bleaching can achieve white teeth in an hour but, due to the strength of bleach, can cause some sensitivity to the teeth. Whereas although the take home teeth whitening may take longer, it provides more control over sensitivity and final shade.

What to expect:

In chair whitening - an initial shade of your teeth will be taken then we will protect your gums using a gel and mix the bleach to activate the the bleach. The mix will be applied to your teeth and left for ten minutes. During this time you can sit back, relax and watch your favourite tv show or just enjoy the peace and quiet! The bleach will then be removed and a second cycle of bleach will be placed on your teeth. These cycles will go on for a maximum for four, after which a second shade of the teeth will be taken.

Take home whitening - impressions will be made of your teeth, from which upper and lower custom plastic trays will be constructed. We will then organise a second appointment to run over how to place the bleach in the trays, with tips and tricks on how to maximise your whitening experience.

Everyones teeth are slightly different so speak to The Northside Dentist to find out what can work best for you!