Tooth Coloured Fillings

Times have changed since ugly metal fillings were the norm. Out with the old and in with the natural coloured and aesthetically pleasing white fillings.

Dental fillings are a material used to replicate missing tooth structure that may have been lost from a tooth breakage or decay has caused a cavity to form. The filling material helps to restore the tooth back to function while also sealing the more susceptible inner layer of tooth from harmful oral bacteria that looks to infiltrate it, damage the nerve and cause further decay.

Dental decay is entirely preventable but if left untreated it can proliferate to cause pain, tooth death and potential tooth loss. If decay does start and causes a cavity, your dentist will firstly show you using our intra-oral camera or x-rays and discuss the causes. Secondly, your dentist will painlessly remove the decay and fill the remaining deficiency with high-quality, dental composite filling material. 

With further advances in dental composite materials, we can provide a restoration that lasts as long as a metal filling and looking good while doing so for individuals looking for a Thornbury or Northcote dentist.