Porcelain Bridges

If you've lost a tooth, or perhaps the adult tooth never formed, maybe a porcelain bridge can fill the void! 

A porcelain bridge functions like an implant or denture to fill a gap that a missing tooth has created. Made of a metal framework covered in porcelain, a dental bridge is a crown, or two, which spans the gap and fits over the adjacent teeth.  Aesthetically pleasing, strong and with a long life span, if cared for they can replace a missing tooth seamlessly. 

Bridges are ideal if:

  • both teeth either side of the gap have crowns or are heavily restored and require crowns

  • due to medical reasons or lack of bone, an implant is not an option

  • the number of missing teeth are two or less.

  • you wish a restoration that is semi-permanent, i.e. cemented into place

First appointment - A thorough examination is carried out to assess the space, the teeth either side, the gums, bone and your bite. During this a small dental x-ray will be taken to check for any signs of infection of the adjacent teeth. It is of upmost importance that the adjacent teeth show no signs of mobility or gum disease so that they can support the bridgework.  Then the adjacent teeth will be prepared for crowns in a very accurate way to enable retention of the bridge from parallelism of the teeth and a common path of insertion and removal. An impression is made of the prepared teeth and sent to the lab for the design and construction of the custom made bridge. Temporaries will be made and polished, then a shade will be taken so the ceramist can create a bridge that looks as natural as possible. 

Second appointment - Two weeks later, the temporaries will be removed and the bridgework tried in. Before final cementation, the bridge will be assessed, with your input, for marginal fit, colour and bite. Then a resin or luting cement will be applied, excess removed and oral hygiene instruction discussed to maintain a healthy, long lasting bridge.

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